January Read-Alouds Planned for You

Need to save some planning time? Here's an interactive calendar that plans your January read-alouds for you!

January Read-Alouds

As a read-aloud rockstar, you know how engaging reading with Novel Effect is. Students are captivated by the story, their connection with you as a reader, and the wonder and awe of what will come in a soundscape. 

There’s a lot to remember while planning read-alouds. It’s a balancing act between the time of year, special occasions and holidays, and what will interest budding readers. 

Our read-aloud calendar removes those worries for you!

Use the January read-aloud calendar to help you plan for the entire month! Whatever you’re looking for, from bedtime stories to just-in-time books to a variety of read-aloud genres, we’ve got you covered! 

Using the January Read-Aloud Calendar

The read-aloud calendar was designed by educators. Designed just for you, it highlights planning points that are fun and meaningful! 

  • The read-aloud calendar includes a soundscape for each day of the month. Click on the book cover to open the soundscape. There are also fun observances and special holidays included on the calendar with read-aloud suggestions. 
  • Our staff librarian curated collections especially for the month. They are at the top right of the calendar. Just click on the collection name to open it, and find even more spectacular soundscapes!
  • The bottom right shows all of the upcoming read-aloud challenges. Read-aloud challenges are an exciting way for Novel Effect fans to read similar titles. We also get to give away some pretty sweet prizes to participants!

More Great Planning Resources

Educators are pressed for time. Make every minute count with out our free book activities. The book activities are designed by educators to make planning stress-free while guaranteeing targeted skills are practiced. 

Download the Novel Effect app for free to bring these stories to life with music and sounds that respond to your voice.

Download the Novel Effect app to bring stories to life with music and sound that respond to your voice. 

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