Novel Effect public library plans

We have affordable, flexible and custom plans that fit libraries of all sizes and accommodate your patrons and/or staff and volunteers.

Hi, let’s get you a quote!

Librarians, fill out the form so we can help put together a proposal for you. And then check out our funding resources to utilize when asking your administrators or board to cover the cost of a library plan subscription.

Benefits of a Novel Effect subscription to your library:

  • Children will be more engaged, more confident readers, and want to read more often.
  • Encourages patrons to continuously return to the library and check out more books.
  • Reports that provide measurement of usage and readership of the checked-out books. 
  • Complementary subscription access for staff and/or volunteers 
  • Great for use by patrons at home and librarians, staff, and volunteers during in-library storytimes, story walks, etc… 
  • In-library signage and digital assets to promote additional value for your patrons. 
  • Launching and using app in libraries and at home by patrons is proven and simple.