Bring Stories to Life

Amplify read-aloud engagement when you fill your classroom, library, and home with the captivating sounds of an immersive Novel Effect read-aloud through a Bluetooth speaker!

hear the story, feel the magic

Novel Effect Bluetooth Speakers make it easier for all readers to hear their favorite soundscaped stories!

Just connect the speaker to your mobile device and select a Novel Effect soundscape to read aloud with your book. Then, tap PRINT to begin the immersive experience!

Novel Effect Speakers are the perfect read-aloud addition to libraries, classrooms, and large family spaces. They ensure everyone can enjoy an immersive read-aloud experience with Novel Effect! 

What happy readers are saying

"I just got an applause at the end of this read-aloud from 2nd graders!"

5 Star App Store Review

"... the perfect launchpad for student engagement"

5 Star App Store Review

"a gift to storytime"

5 Star App Store Review

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