Stickers spread across the bottom of a book cover

Novel Effect Book Stickers

Make it easier to browse your shelves for Novel Effect books.
Find your favorite, scan the smart QR code, and enjoy the magic!

  • 30 stickers per pack on easy to remove paper backing
  • Durable Matte UV Lamination
  • Options for different book styles and sizes
  • QR code to open the Novel Effect app

Novel Effect book cover sticker packs work with:

What happy readers are saying

"I love your smart stickers because they are waterproof & smudge resistant. They hold up perfectly in the library.

5 Star App Store Review

"Please... send us more"

5 Star App Store Review

"It's much easier with the smart stickers! My son loves to find books with your stickers at storytime!"

5 Star App Store Review

Add magic to storytime

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