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Join Novel Effect webinar host extraordinaire, Kathi Kersznowski, as she hosts in-depth conversations with leading children’s literacy experts like Shannon McClintock, children’s authors like Peter Reynolds, and complementary technology partners like Microsoft Flip.  Novel Effect webinars, free for all attendees, inspire a love of reading and help educators create magical read-alouds in their classrooms.

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Upcoming Live Webinars

September 28, 2022 | 7pm EST

Educator Leslie Fisher

OCTOBER 25, 2022 | 7pm EST

Author Josh Funk

Previously Recorded Novel Effect Webinars

Creative Ways To Help Children Love Reading!

Recorded August 2022 

Shannon McClintock Miller is quite possibly the world’s most beloved school librarian! Shannon is the face of Future Ready Librarians and has a globally popular blog called The Library Voice. She is a passionate advocate for libraries, educators, books, authors, children, and reading!

In this webinar, Shannon shares creative ways to inspire a love of reading with children. She does a magical read-aloud using the Novel Effect app and talks about some of her favorite tips and ideas to spark joy, awe, and a true love of reading in your classroom, library, or home!

Discover the Magic of Novel Effect in Flipgrid's Discovery Library


Your students probably love a read-aloud, and we’ll bet that they also love making creative videos. Well, now that Novel Effect is a partner in the Microsoft Flip Discovery Library, there are lots of creative ways to combine these two dynamic apps for powerful learning outcomes!

In this webinar, Ann Kozma from team Flip does a magical read-aloud using the Novel Effect app, and then together we explore the wealth of Novel Effect’s activities that are now available in Flip’s Discovery Library.

Storytime Magic with Peter Reynolds, Author of The Dot, and Novel Effect


Join author Peter Reynolds, author and illustrator of The Dot, as he talks about his creative process and tips for doing extraordinary read-alouds during this exclusive Novel Effect webinar.

Peter will read Going Places for which we’ve made a brand-new soundscape! He will read it for all of you – enhanced with integrated music, sound effects, and even his own character voice – all made magical with Novel Effect! And a special surprise guest will join him!

After watching the webinar, learn how to ignite imaginations with Peter and Paul Reynolds.

Make Read-Alouds "Magical" with Our Favorite Literacy App, Novel Effect


Are you a teacher? A librarian? A parent? Do you want your little learners to call you classroom and bedtime read-alouds “magical” and to be on the edge of their seats, hang on your every word, and ask to read more?

Learn from our panel of literacy experts and teachers as they discuss how Novel Effect has transformed read-alouds and created a lifelong love of learning in their children.