Celebrate the people, the moments, the stories, and always… have fun!

Novel Effect elevates storytelling with tools that let creators add immersive effects and interactivity to traditional media—books, television, film—and a powerful speech-recognition engine to enable that content for customers across a wide range of platforms and devices.
Our solution delivers delightful voice-first experiences audiences love.



Our Story

Novel Effect started with a simple idea in 2015—

Co-founders Matt and Melissa Hammersley listened as a friend read aloud expressively from a children’s book at a baby shower and a lightbulb went off: If anyone could make books that engaging and fun, every kid would fall in love with reading.

We began with picture books, designing a ground-breaking app to complement your voice with interactive music, sounds, and characters voices as you read aloud. Our next chapter expands our ecosystem of interactive content with voice-driven videos and creation tools that grow with our young audience as they begin reading and writing themselves.

Novel Effect’s mission is to elevate storytelling by delivering interactive, voice-driven experiences that foster meaningful connections between kids and grown-ups. We aim to inspire and encourage a love of learning and reading with an emphasis on having fun.


Purposeful and thoughtful design means we put people at the center of our applications. By using technology to foster personal connections, our shared experiences engage and inspire kids (and grown-ups).


We believe in voice as the future of entertainment. Our patented technology adds dimension and interactivity you control to the traditional media people enjoy together – television, film, books, games, and more.


We aim to always be at the forefront of voice and entertainment. Whether you’re creating, distributing, or consuming, with our range of products and services you can engage, entertain, and delight your audience.

Join us: Let your voice bring the story to life!

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