August Read-Alouds Planned For You

Plan your August read-alouds effortlessly, stay updated on read-aloud events, and make the summer-to-school transition smooth and enjoyable!
Plan your August read-alouds with Novel Effect!

As August approaches, back-to-school season begins. With the onset of cooler evenings, it’s a wonderful time to initiate those August read-alouds. As dusk sets in, backyard breezes flutter the pages, creating a perfect reading ambiance. Besides fostering a love of literature, reading aloud enriches language skills and fosters empathy. Let’s make the most of this transitional period with our August Read-Alouds. Join us in gearing up for a new academic year with this month’s read-aloud calendar.

August Read-Aloud Events

August presents a bounty of opportunities to engage your child’s interest. This is whether it’s capturing their attention or introducing them to an exciting book. This month is ripe with reasons to read! There’s nothing like reading aloud to escape the summer heat. August is brimming with tales, learning experiences, and end-of-summer adventures. Every moment is perfectly suited to an August read-aloud! This is a great way to bridge the gap between laid-back summer days and back-to-school excitement.

Using the August Read-Aloud Calendar

Our August read-aloud calendar is the perfect way to explore stories! Every day, readers plunge into a sea of words, meet intriguing characters, and explore uncharted territories. You don’t want to miss this adventure. Let August be filled with unforgettable stories and enchanting read-alouds!

You’ll find a new soundscape every day this month. Simply click on the book cover to immerse yourself in the auditory experience. The calendar includes amusing observations and special holidays, each paired with suitable read-aloud recommendations.

Explore the collections our librarian put together. Her picks are perfect for August. You can access it by clicking the collection name. You’ll find a lot to choose from!

Keep your eyes peeled for read-aloud excitement throughout the month! Back-to-school fun is on the way as we leave the summer behind to return to the schoolyard!

Read-aloud calendars aren’t the only thing we’ve got for you!

Regardless of your August read-aloud requirements, we’re here to assist! From choosing the right books to providing captivating activities. Let’s make August filled with enchanting read-alouds!

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