Frankencrayon Activities

Electrify engagement with Frankencrayon activities that turn your read-alouds into a haven for any mini-monster’s creativity! It’s your secret potion to blending literacy, art, fine-motor, and social skills for a monstrously marvelous read-aloud adventure!

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45 pages

Grades PreK-3


Give your read-aloud an electrifying twist with our Frankencrayon activities! It’s full of colorfully crafted activities that bring Frankencrayon to life and bolt English Language Arts and Art skills. Get ready for giggles and gasps when you reveal Halloween activities that educate and entertain!

Our Frankencrayon activities offer a monstrous blend of English Language Arts and Art skills. Whether your boo-kworms need to alphabetize, sequence, or write about story twists and turns, your literacy skills are covered. That’s not all—your scribble sprouts will trace lines, match colors, and even invent their own ‘Frankencreations’ as they develop art and fine motor skills. All of this while diving into vocabulary that explores shades of meaning and definitions.

As a result of the included activities, students will be able to:

  • trace scribble lines.
  • match colors.
  • create a new ‘Frankencreation’.
  • alphabetize words.
  • hunt for colors around the classroom.
  • sequence the story.
  • write about the story’s problem and solution.
  • write synonyms and antonyms for story vocabulary.
  • define story vocabulary.
  • explore shades of meaning.
  • write scribble stories.
  • complete a frankencrayon craftivity.
  • apply writing skills with included writing templates and prompts.
  • practice reading comprehension through included discussion questions for beginning, middle, and end of the book.
  • engage in social skills through included whole group prompts and activities.
  • develop fine motor skills with coloring, tracing, cutting, and gluing activities.
  • participate in a story circle.
  • use digital tools to create abstract art. 
  • write a collaborative story.

The Frankencrayon activities are a one-stop-shop for a monstrously magnificent educational experience! Spark creativity and make your next read-aloud a creature feature to remember! 

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About the Book and Soundscape

The crayons are ready to tell Frankencrayon's thrilling story. The costumes are made, the roles are cast, and the pages are set. Then disaster strikes—someone has scribbled on the page! Hideously horrifying, the story can't go on! The crayons try their best to erase the scribbles, but it doesn't work. This picture book must be canceled. Can the crayons make a monstrous change and bring this book back to life? Buy the book.

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