Last Day Blues Activities

Last Day Blues activities engage students in writing and speaking skills as they contemplate different ways to spend the summer. The diverse set of activities are great for differentiated instruction, and support English Language Arts. 

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30 pages

Grades PreK-3


Give students a fond farewell at the end of the school year with Last Day Blues activities. These low and no-prep activities engage students in English Language Arts skills as they write stories, jokes, and make summer plans. They’ll also create their own scrapbooks and share their summer plans and favorite school memories. 

As a result of the included activities, students will be able to:

  • Listen for sounds in the soundscape.
  • Illustrate parts of the story.
  • Write and tell jokes.
  • Illustrate and write about your summer plans.
  • Plan your teacher’s summer.
  • Write a letter to your teacher.
  • Write silly stories with parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, and verbs).
  • Create a mini school scrapbook.
  • Create a gift craftivity for your teacher.
  • Respond to discussion questions.
  • Respond to writing prompts.
  • Share their favorite memories. 
  • Write a summer bucket list. 
  • Share how they feel about the school year ending.

These activities can be used by the whole group, at stations or centers, or provide student choice. They’re perfect for differentiation and focusing on specific learning goals and skills.

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About the Book

Worried that Mrs. Hartwell will have a sad summer after school’s out, her class comes up with ways to keep her spirits up. Little do the students know that Mrs. Hartwell, and all of the other teachers, absolutely have their own plans! This book is perfect for the end of the school year, and reminds everyone how similar students and teachers are when it’s time to say goodbye.

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