Giving the Gift of Reading

You don't have to worry about holiday stress this year. Give the gift of reading with this list of the 10 best books.
top books to gift; counting on catherine, i love you to the moon and back, hank the pet sitter

Holiday shopping can loom like a snowstorm. It’s stressful, with crammed stores, chaotic parking, and long lines. Alternatively, it’s awaiting packages during the busiest shipping season. Whichever route you choose for purchasing your presents, the fret over whether you’ve chosen the “right” gift is universal. 

This year, we want to take some of the stress off your plate. We’re going to help you pack your goodie bags with some curated recommendations of the best books for giving from our in-house librarian. Gifting books is a fail-proof way to connect giver and recipient, and you’ll impress your parent friends with your education-minded gift-giving. From newborns to tweens, we’ve got you covered with the gift of reading.

The 10 Best Books That Give the Gift of Reading

Go Away Big Green Monster

Ed Emberly’s giggle-inducing classic is a perfect fit for any pre-k kiddos in your life. Summon the big verdant beast and then make him disappear again, shape by shape, color by color. Give your little reader the opportunity to predict what part will appear next for an extra layer of fun. Pair the story with Novel Effect for an immersive experience, grumbly monster voice included.

Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast

Fans of Jory Johns’ Food Groups will rejoice to find another funny food-themed series to devour. Chock full of puns and high-stakes adventures, the first book takes Lady Pancake and Sir French Toast on a journey through the refrigerator to get to the last few drops of maple syrup. Hungry readers will find themselves sated with this bouncy, amusing look at life in the fridge.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Artsy youths are bound to love this timeless exploration of imagination. Harold builds a violet world with nothing more than his mind and his purple crayon, solving every problem that comes his way with creative ingenuity. Novel Effect’s dreamy music gives Harold and the Purple Crayon new life and is bound to capture every reader’s heart. Package this early reader with some top-notch art supplies (I love the Arteza brand and Kids Made Modern Kits) and watch their smiles grow.

Ada Twist, Scientist

Budding scientists will be enamored with this series. And better still, there is a chapter book series for when your reader transitions to reading solo. Ada Twist’s methodological thinking will inspire little learners toward their own discoveries. Other books in the picture book collection will only expand their horizons — such as Rosie Revere, Engineer or Izzy Peck, Architect. Pair Ada Twist with a National Geographic science kit for the ultimate educational win.

The Button Book

What happens when you push the button? A beep or a toot? A tickle party? A hug? A song? It’s up to you to find out! The Button Book is the ultimate interactive book, guaranteed to give you bowl-full-of-jelly laughs. Readers will delight in discovering what surprise each button holds. Novel Effect’s snazzy sound effects will only make this hilarity even more outrageous.

How to Catch a Snowman

Lyrical and energetic, the “How to Catch” series has a story for every season. This wintery addition was made for story time with hot cocoa after a romp in the snow. Share this story with the littles in your life, dream up your own snowmen-traps, and use the opportunity to plan some outdoor wintertime fun. Once you’ve won them over with this book, share the others in the series.

Counting on Catherine

Starry-eyed astronomy enthusiasts and history lovers will be enchanted by the biography of Katherine Johnson, the mathematician who helped launch Apollo 11 and 13. Aside from the STEAM careers inspiration, readers will get a glimpse into the segregation Katherine overcame. Give this thought-provoking tale to those kids in your life who could use a little inspiration and watch them reach for the stars.

Hank the Pet Sitter: Otis the Very Large Dog

For readers who have graduated up from Clifford the Big Red Dog, here’s Hank the Pet Sitter. Cheeky, and cheerful, Hank’s business ventures are backdropped by poppy music and cartoony sound effects. In the first of the series, learn how Hank handles the responsibility of caring for a massive homesick hound. Animal lovers will devour these tales of hijinks.

Hansel and Gretel and Zombies

Far Out Fairy Tales put a playful twist on the classics. Hansel & Gretel & Zombies turn the original plot on its head when the zombie version of the lost siblings takes a turn at being the hungry predator. Tweens will delight in the humor and whimsical play on fairy tale tropes. Show off the others in the series, such as Ninja-rella and The Ugly Dino Hatchling, for the ultimately gifting win.

I Love You to the Moon and Back

New parents will be enamored with the poetic bedtime story of I Love You to the Moon and Back. With a soothing soundtrack and atmospheric sound effects that bring readers into the serene Alaskan landscape, this ode to the love between family will warm every heart. Package this baby board book with a new teddy and you’ll be Thoughtful Gifter of the Year.

The Gift of Magical Read-Alouds

To make gifting even easier, we’re thrilled to offer our gift bundles! Each package will include two books, hand-selected by our librarian. You also get to choose from three-, six-, or twelve-month Novel Effect premium subscription. Give the gift of reading, with a little extra magic. Perfect for parents, educators, and the children in your life.

Download the Novel Effect app for free to bring these stories to life with music and sounds that respond to your voice.

Download the Novel Effect app to bring stories to life with music and sound that respond to your voice. 

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