Blazing Hot Fire Safety Read-Alouds

Match fire safety read-alouds with soundscapes that flame to please. Theme music, sound effects, and character voices bring fire engines and firefighters to life, and make reading magical.
Is it a beep? A chirp? A siren? What does it all mean? We’ve got you covered with a fun set of fire safety read-alouds that flame to please. These books provide important information on fire safety and prevention. Fire engines and firefighters are brought to life when you match our fire safety books with soundscapes.  Reading about fire safety and community workers like firefighters is delightful at any time. Young readers get stoked to read more about them during Fire Prevention Week. Every year, Fire Prevention Week takes place during the week of October 9th. Despite slight variations in themes from year to year, the overall goal of fire safety and preparedness remains the same. Make learning about fire safety fun with the resources and activities provided by the National Fire Prevention Association.

Fire Safety Read-Alouds That Are Lit

Ask a Firefighter What is a firefighters job? Read along to hear the sounds of a firefighter’s day and learn all about how they keep us safe. The sounds of the piano pair with the real life sound of firefighters fighting fires. From firehose sprays, to whistles and sizzles, this book is packed with action! Free ebook available in app.
Fire Trucks The flashing lights and sirens of a fire truck make an impressive entrance. It often has to. There are fires to put out and people to save! Young readers will be captivated by the bright red rescue machines featured in this title with superhero music! Free ebook available in app.
Dragons Love Tacos Taco Tuesday would be every day if these delightful dragons were in charge. Smothered in cheese or stuffed with beef, they believe every taco is a tasty taco—unless it is spicy! Energetic music joins the sounds of dragons as they munch their way through their favorite snack.
Fireboat An inspiring true story of the John J. Harvey – a retired New York City fireboat reinstated on September 11, 2001. With Ground Zero fire hydrants inoperable and the Hudson River’s water supply crucial in fighting the fire, the fire department called on the Harvey to help. Fireboat: The Heroic Journey of the John J. Harvey features original theme music, sound effects, and character voices!
We’ll Keep Safe Working together and paying attention during school safety drills lets everyone feel prepared and calm. Encourage cooperation and diligence with this simple poem and its soothing music that helps assuage fears. Free ebook available in app.
Whether you choose a print book or an in-app book, make reading together magical.

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