Establish Classroom Reading Routines

Amplify classroom reading routines with Novel Effect! Engage students with interactive read-alouds, fun soundscapes, and build a strong classroom community.
Joyful children immersed in classroom reading routines with Novel Effect.

At the beginning of every school year, classrooms are abuzz with the deliberate teaching and learning of classroom routines. From lining up and sharpening pencils to doing read-alouds, teachers and students work together to define what a classroom looks and sounds like every day.

Having routines like these create a predictable, daily rhythm and flow for any classroom community. The more clear classroom routines are, the more engaged kids are. Building reading routines with Novel Effect read-alouds amplifies all of this, and makes reading fun for both teachers and kids.

Amplify Classroom Reading Routines with Novel Effect

Read-Alouds: Expectations Engineered

A daily read-aloud routine is a dedicated time to gather around a good book, and have thoughtful conversations. With Novel Effect, those expectations become even more harmonious!

When students gather for a read-aloud powered by Novel Effect, they know it’s going to be fun! They expect delightful sound effects, fun voice work, and groovy music that keeps them attuned to the read-aloud. These elements reduce reading anxiety and increase reading comprehension. Over time, students learn that Novel Effect soundscapes help them better understand vocabulary, story elements, and themes.

Students aren’t the only ones who love Novel Effect read-alouds. Teachers enjoy reading aloud with Novel Effect, too! Educators know each soundscape is carefully crafted to create an engaging experience that makes comprehension concrete and keeps their students entertained. This lets them focus on teaching story elements, critical thinking, and other comprehension strategies as they read aloud.

These read-aloud expectations keep students motivated throughout the day. Other academic tasks are efficiently completed so that read-aloud time is available. There’s no doubt that a read-aloud with Novel Effect is different.



Discover the joy of engaged reading with Novel Effect! 



Discover the joy of engaged reading with Novel Effect! 

Read-Alouds are a Community Event

Novel Effect strengthens classroom communities through its interactive approach. Shared read-alouds are collaborative experiences, rather than an isolated activity.

Sound effects and music promote student engagement, cooperation, and shared discussions in the classroom environment. This helps students interact with each other, discuss their interpretations, and work cooperatively.

Novel Effect’s soundscapes also make reading comprehension easier. When students understand a story, they are more willing to participate in text-based conversations in class.

By adding Novel Effect to this year’s classroom toolkit, building a daily routine becomes effortless. Read-alouds will transform from a daily task to a reward for students, ensuring they remain focused during their other subjects throughout the day. Teachers can sneak in valuable reading comprehension lessons and build classroom community without having to worry about their class’s engagement in the story. Be confident this year’s classroom reading routine rocks by downloading Novel Effect today!

Download the Novel Effect app to bring stories to life with music and sound that respond to your voice. 

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