Engaging Learners with “Gabriella the OT”

Find out how Gabriella Seoane, a board-certified Pediatric Occupational Therapist, uses Novel Effect to engage and connect with young patients who have developmental challenges and neurological disorders.

At Novel Effect, we’re committed to supporting kids’ social, emotional, and cognitive growth by creating magical storytime experiences for adults and kids alike. Through immersive music, sound effects, and character voices, Novel Effect soundscapes help create a multi-sensory reading experience that supports literacy development and reading engagement.

Gabriella Seoane, a board-certified Pediatric Occupational Therapist and child development expert in Fort Meyers, FL, notes that these immersive elements can have an especially big impact on kids with learning differences, developmental challenges, and sensory processing difficulties.

“It’s often difficult for kiddos with neurological disorders like ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder]  and ADHD [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] to remain engaged in seated adult-directed developmentally appropriate tasks like reading. Novel Effect helps create an engaging environment, increases motivation, compliance, and joint attention for reading time,” Gabriella says.

Gabriella uses Novel Effect in her occupational therapy practice to connect with patients in a new and engaging way while supporting their holistic physical, social, and cognitive development.

“I use Novel Effect to facilitate engagement with developmental activities such as sitting for storytime, turning pages of a book, remaining engaged, and actively participating in storytime,” she says.

Incorporating Novel Effect read alouds into her practice has resulted in some noticeable changes for Gabriella’s patients.

“Kiddos that have participated in storytime using Novel Effect have demonstrated an increase in engagement, motivation, joint attention, sustained attention, play, and overall interest with storytime. The multi-sensory aspect of Novel Effect (auditory input via sound effects and music) helps to achieve this. Many kiddos with neurological disorders love music for this reason.”

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Connect with Gabriella on Instagram at @gabriellatheOT and on TikTok at @gabriellatheot

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