Friendship Picture Books to Teach Empathy

The purpose of friendship picture books is to teach children what it means to be kind, caring, and empathetic.
Picture books to teach friendship, kindness, and belonging

When a child starts school, making new friends is one of the most exciting activities in their lives. It is important at the beginning of a new year to foster a sense of belonging in our children and to establish the expectation that they will extend it to others. Friendship picture books help develop those skills.

Some children will enter their new classroom with confidence. Others find it overwhelming because of their shyness and fears. Children develop trust, compassion, and a sense of belonging through friendships. 

Harmonious friendships take practice. Picture books about friendship encourage children to share, cooperate, and see events from a different perspective.

friendship picture books titles include be kind, stick & stone, the day you begin, how do dinosaurs play with friends, and the invisible boy

Picture Books Help Children Understand Friendship

Understanding how others feel isn’t always easy. Neither is choosing picture books that illustrate empathy in a way that is developmentally appropriate. Whether reading friendship picture books to 3-year-olds or 8-year-olds Novel Effect is your friend. Our librarians have curated a collection of friendship picture books just for you. 

When choosing your next read-aloud about friendship, empathy, kindness, or belonging turn to the Novel Effect app. The soundscapes paired with the books in the friendship collection make it easier to understand how others feel, and how our actions affect others.

While reading The Invisible Boy with the Novel Effect app, children understand how the boy feels when he is mistreated. When the boy makes a new friend the voiceovers and sound effects help the readers understand the impact of a kind gesture.

The soundscape for The Day You Begin makes it clear what it feels like to feel scared and alone initially. As the story continues with the soundscape, the music changes tone, and more laughter is heard, readers feel the courage it takes to connect with others.

Younger children who are new to a school environment or navigating friendships benefit from explicit picture books about friendship. The playful nature of How Do Dinosaurs Play With Friends is amplified when paired with the soundscape. The voiceovers, sound effects, and whimsical music make it clear how everyone feels when the dinosaur isn’t so friendly. 

Download the Novel Effect app for free to bring these stories to life with music and sounds that respond to your voice.

Download the Novel Effect app to bring stories to life with music and sound that respond to your voice. 

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