Getting started with School Plans

and getting the most out of your Novel Effect subscription

Welcome to the Novel Effect Family

Thank you for becoming part of the Novel Effect family. We started Novel Effect before our daughter was born to instill a love of stories and reading as early as possible in her life, as well as to motivate us to have more fun reading with her. As a small, family-owned business, we appreciate you joining us on our mission to make reading together magical.

We’re so glad that you’ve found Novel Effect to be an invaluable tool to make classroom read-alouds that engage teachers even more with their students, capture their imagination, and build a lifelong love of reading. Reading aloud together nurtures a child’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth, when you read aloud with a soundscape we know you’ll add an element of fun into your classroom that will remind you why teaching is one of the most rewarding professions.

So how do you get it into the hands of your teachers, librarians, and others who will be creating magical read-alouds in your school or library? Our resources below are step-by-step instructions for getting your individual teachers and librarians started with Novel Effect on your School Plan and getting the most out of your investment in Novel Effect.

If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out or email us at . We’re here to help.

Happy Reading, 

Melissa and Matt
Novel Effect cofounders

Getting Novel Effect into the hands of your educators

When you complete your order for a Novel Effect subscription, you’ll get an email from with next steps. Check your spam filters if you don’t receive this email. To get your teachers and librarians started with unlimited access to our library of soundscapes and eBooks there are two options:

  1. Send an email to with a spreadsheet of your teacher’s school email addresses so we can set up their access on our side. Then, all they need to do is download the app and log in with the password we provide to you.
  2. Share a simple form on our website for each teacher to activate their account themselves. If you choose this route, we’ll email you instructions for you to pass along to them, so they can complete the activation on their own schedule.
book covers laid out

Your educators can always download the Novel Effect mobile app on the App Store or Google Play to enjoy soundscape for these books and hundreds more.

Don’t have a School Plan yet? We have School Plans that are priced within most principals’ discretionary budget.

Using Novel Effect

Remember, Novel Effect is designed to follow along as you read aloud from your copy of the book. It responds to your voice and the story. That means you can ask and answer questions, skip ahead, or go back and read a page again without missing a beat.

We know your students will love the magic created by our team of world-class soundscape designers, musicians, and voice over actors who bring these wonderful books you know and love to life.

Novel Effect book read aloud
step 1

Choose your story

Pick a book off your library or classroom shelf or choose an ebook from our growing library.

step 2

Read aloud

To begin, press play. When you hear the chime, read aloud.

step 3

Bring the story to life

Interactive music & sound effects respond to your voice like magic!

Tips & Tricks

Play Video

A couple of tips to make read-alouds with Novel Effect even more immersive. 

  • Surprise your students, by hiding a Bluetooth speaker in your classroom for your read-alouds. The “surround sound” effect makes the read-aloud even more dramatic and immersive!
  • Take advantage of our free differentiated book activities, designed by educators to support learning before and after read-alouds. Teachers love these incredible sets of extension and enrichment activities that pair beautifully with our soundscapes.
  • Explore our complete list of books available in the app, it’s updated weekly with new additions and coming soon titles!

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