Getting started with your Premium Pass

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Your Plan Basics

We are thrilled to partner to bring stories to life for your patrons! 

Access for your Premium Plan accounts
Please send us a spreadsheet of the names and email addresses of those on your team who will need to activate their annual subscription to Novel Effect Premium. We will activate annual accounts for each of them, and send them an email with instructions to complete their activation process.

Premium Pass access for your broader audience
Your account has opted to use the Pattern Match Method to grant limited access to your audience. Please refer to the onboarding email with technical instructions to set up access through your website. When set-up is complete your broader audience will be able to access to Novel Effect Premium for the agreed upon time frame before they are required to re-authenticate.

Questions? We’re here to help, contact us or send an email to or reach out to your technical contacts on the Novel Effect Team shared with your account holder.

Content for your landing page page:

Novel Effect logo

Welcome to Novel Effect and a world of magical read alouds!

The Novel Effect app responds to your voice with interactive music and sound effects as you read aloud from popular children’s book to make story time together magical. Choose to read aloud from old fashioned print books or from our selection of in-app ebooks.

Your child’s engagement, interest, and love for reading will soar with Novel Effect, and you’ll find yourself having more fun too! As a benefit {your organization} is providing you with FREE access to this one of a kind resource. Join the thousands of educators, librarians, and families using Novel Effect to make reading aloud together the best part of the day.

To activate your access, tap or click GET FREE ACCESS below then follow the instructions to:

  1. {{Please find your account’s specific instructions for step 1 in your onboarding documentation}}
  2. Download the Novel Effect app on the Apple App Store or Google Play store
  3. Create a profile
  4. Start reading with magic!!!

Questions? Novel Effect’s customer success team is here to help, send an email to

Note: On your landing page, the above button must be configured according to the technical requirements shared with the account holder to grant access through the Pattern Match Method.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • After clicking “Get Free Access” and entering your username and password if you are not taken to Novel Effect’s website to complete your Premium Pass redemption, please check the username and password entered is associated with an active Library account.
  • After completing the Premium Pass redemption process with your mobile device, If you are not shown an in-app alert that says “Welcome to Premium Pass,” please try again. 
  • Find more tips and support on Novel Effect’s frequently asked questions page