Inside the Soundscape: Alma and How She Got Her Name

Learn about the Peruvian instruments Novel Effect composer Eric Nielsen used during live recording sessions to create the soundscape you can enjoy with the picture book Alma and How She Got Her Name by Juana Martinez-Neal.

The Ocarina in the photo above is actually made in Peru, and Novel Effect’s world class composer Eric Nielsen used it on three tracks in the soundscape for Alma and How She Got Her Name. He was excited to find it at his local folk music store – the first time he’d been back in an actual music store in over two years!

To prepare to compose the music for the soundscape he listened to a LOT of Música criolla, a popular music style of Peru, as well as other musical styles, old and new, from Peru, including Andean, Spanish and African roots Latin music styles.

Open the soundscape for Alma and How She Got Her Name!

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