As you navigate remote learning and school closures, stay up-to-date with our Remote Learning Resources and our always free Educator Resources with at home and online read aloud activities and worksheets.

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Free Educator Resources

Elevate your classroom experiences with these free resources, including educator-developed lesson plans to bridge content areas and add to the Novel Effect experience for your students



Promote whole classroom participation for read alouds. Link literacy learning to arts appreciation and listening/comprehension activities. 


For early math students: Focus on categorizing, numeracy, and math language learning during listening/comprehension activities. 


Dive into the musical and artistic elements of Novel Effect soundscapes. Participate in soundscape scavenger hunts and develop an understanding about the intersection of art and literacy.


Explore character motivation and development through audio representations in the story. Build SEL comprehension with discussion prompts and questions.


Use technology to focus on elements of stories where the themes are creation and science learning. Link STEAM elements to literacy learning through the use of tech and classroom read alouds. 


Integrate sequencing, cooking, and daily routine activities as an extension to literacy learning. Create a connection to the home and community.

Lesson Plans

China’s Child:
Interactive Maze

Guide Mei Ling, Teddies & Co. through the rooms of the toy factory maze.


A Marvelous Mexican Misunderstanding: Word Jumble

Decode the words on the prayer flags that highlight instruments you hear while reading the book aloud.


Giraffes Can’t Dance: Music Exploration

Challenge students to recall events in the story and build on their knowledge of musical categories and genres.


Giraffes Can’t Dance: Celebrating Differences

Discuss our differences and celebrate our potential.


The Kissing Hand: Habitat Activity

Explore setting and animal behavior through the use of auditory and visual information.


The Kissing Hand: Personal Connections

Create personal connections to story themes and characters.


The Wonkey Donkey: Sequencing Sounds

Grab your listening ears and join in on our Soundscape Scavenger Hunt to sequence sounds and key events in the story.


The Wonkey Donkey: Discussion Prompts

Discuss the Wonkey Donkey’s unique characteristics.


Llama Llama Red Pajama: Emotion Exploration

Explore this story through the soundscape and Llama’s big emotions.


Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin: Orchestra Exploration

Introduce students to the arts and numeracy in this journey into an orchestra. Hear the music come to life via our instructional soundscape and teach students instrument families and sounds.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom: Music Making

Encourage students to use instruments and create their own Novel Effect “soundscape” to this timeless alphabet favorite.


Bear Snores On: Recipe

Join Bear and friends for a collaborative recipe activity


The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story

Students will understand the emotional life of the story’s character.


The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story Scavenger Hunt

Students will attend to the story and listen for specific sounds.


Owl Moon: Imagery and Sounds

Students will explore imagery and sounds in this classic winter favorite.


The Cat in the Hat: Sound and Music Craft

After reading the story, students will write out sound and music vocabulary words to create a Cat in the Hat craft.


Green Eggs and Ham: Discussion

Students will listen for musical and sound elements of the story and discuss character and setting.


Yertle the Turtle: Discussion

Students will discuss story themes and characters.


How to Catch a Leprechaun Activity

Students will listen for Leprechaun mischief during the story and build a trap to catch him.


The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Students will discuss character motivation and expand vocabulary.


The Tale of Benjamin Bunny

Students will use sensory concepts to categorize text from the story


The Cows Go Moo: Where in the World Are the Cows?

Students will explore the Cows World Tour locations in this activity, a collaboration with the book’s author, Jim Petipas.


The Cows Go Moo: Instrument Exploration

Students will listen for and identify instruments from the soundscape and book in this activity, a collaboration with the book’s author, Jim Petipas.


Additional Resources

Easily ID the Novel Effect-compatible books in your library with these printable stickers and bookplate