5 Books About Gratitude

Novel Effect's team of educators have come together to create a list of books about gratitude from our library's Gratitude collection!
Enjoy 5 great books about gratitude with Novel Effect!

With Halloween past and Hanukkah and Christmas on their way, the holiday season is officially in full swing! The often-overlooked celebration of Thanksgiving is next in the line up. With its plump turkeys, delectable pies, mid-afternoon naps, and stellar sales, the true meaning of the season is frequently overshadowed. That’s why our team of educators have come together to create a list of books about gratitude from our library’s Gratitude Collection!

These titles are perfect for your littlest of little ones to your official big kids and are ideal reads during lessons on growth mindset and kindness. If you see a pencil icon next to your favorite title, we have a set of no- to low-prep activities available on our site that pair perfectly with the book!

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November was named National Gratitude Month in both the U.S. and Canada back in 2015 by National Day Calendar. Often seen as a synonym for thankfulness, gratitude is actually a mindset shift that acknowledges the positives in our lives. Practicing gratitude is so powerful, it is proven to help improve mental health and reduce stress.

Teach the children in your life about gratitude by practicing daily gratitude during the month of November! Have your kids start a gratitude journal where they write down something they are thankful for every day.

5 Books about Gratitude

Bear Says Thanks by Karma Wilson

Bear’s woodland friends have come together to have a big feast. Every friend comes along with a contribution to their dinner. That is, until Bear realizes he has no food left in his cupboards! A story about the true meaning of friendship, Bear Says Thanks will feel like a big bear hug for you and your little ones.

This soundscape is filled with peaceful piano music and special entrance songs for each animal that comes into Bear’s cave.

PRO TIP: Talk to your students about times they have said “Thanks” to the people in their lives. Go around the classroom so everyone has a turn!

Llama Llama Gives Thanks by Anna Dewdney

A simple story about Thanksgiving dinner, Llama Llama Gives Thanks is filled with a family’s gratitude for the meal in front of them and the family around them. The lyrical music in this soundscape is sure to bring joy to your little readers’ ears. Funny voiceover throughout this quick read is sure to give your kiddos a giggle (you might even find yourself laughing as well!)

Our Table by Peter H. Reynolds

Family dinners seem to be becoming a thing of the past, but Violet remembers them fondly. When she notices that her family’s dining room table has suddenly vanished, she takes matters into her own hands to bring her family back together again. Our Table reminds us how important quality time with our loved ones truly is, each and every night.

Each member of Violet’s family is represented by a different woodwind instrument in this soundscape! The orchestral score along with the sounds of daily life add a bit of magic to this truly heartwarming story about family.

PRO TIP: Have your kiddos draw their family table after finishing this read-aloud. Make sure they include all of the special people in their lives and their favorite meal (be sure to include the pets too!)

The Thankful Book by Todd Parr

There are so many things in the world to be thankful for, both big and small! The Thankful Book is a perfect read to show how we can all be thankful for the small things in our lives–from the uniqueness of our hair to the creativity found in colors.

A special sound effect related to the items on each page are jam-packed into this soundscape. Can you find them all?

Thank You, Omu! by Oge Mora

Have you ever made a stew that smelled soooo good the entire neighborhood wanted a taste? Omu has! A story centered around the sacredness of community, Thank You, Omu! brings together neighbors from all stages of life to share a meal.

Including the eclectic sounds of the accordion, flute, and xylophone, this soundscape will warm your heart, just like Omu’s stew. Listen for the shakes of seasoning, the slosh of stew, and the clattering of dishes while you read.

PRO TIP: While reading this story have your kids name the different neighbors they see on each page to help encourage active reading!

While all of these books about gratitude are ideal for the Thanksgiving season, it’s important to remember that gratitude is something we should practice each and every day. By using these books about gratitude with your kiddos, you are kickstarting a pattern of positivity in their lives that can be instilled year round!

Want even more inspiration for the month of November? Check out our monthly read-aloud calendar for storytime suggestions and check our activities page weekly for low-prep lesson planning!

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