Revolutionizing entertainment: Your voice controls the story.

Move the story forward or choose what happens next, simply by reading your lines out loud when they appear. Novel Effect puts you in control with the unique opportunity to play along with the characters and connect with the story, shaping it as you go!
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Become a part of the action

Solve a mystery, be a superhero sidekick, help save the day, or learn to cook something new. Each choice leads to a different adventure with entertainment that promotes reading and learning in a way that lets you experience the fun together.

Boost reading confidence

As kids grow into reading and learning on their own empower them at home or in the classroom with educational, interactive fun. Voice-driven experiences encourage them to read out loud and interact with stories they love in ways that have never before been possible.

Want to work together? We do too.

Are you a creator interested in designing new worlds for voice interaction? A producer interested in reimagining the way viewers can interact with beloved characters? A distributor who wants to integrate immersive voice content within a streaming service? Get in touch or email partners@noveleffect.com.