Free Valentine's Day

Book Activities

Fall in love with your favorite stories all over again by pairing these Valentine’s Day activities with Novel Effect – an app that responds to your voice with interactive music, sound effects, and voice overs.

Sweeten Read-Alouds

These sweet treats are no longer available for download. No need to be heart-broken! Premium subscriptions are a delicious treat all year long! 

Cut out these notes and deliver them to your students, fellow teachers, or admin as a Valentine’s Day gift! 

Pro-tip: Deliver with a piece of candy! 🙂

Activities to Swoon Over

You will simply adore these Valentine’s Day activities! Your students will be smittened, too!

Get ready to crush your planning time. The activities help you meet your learning goals in ELA, Math, and/or SEL. When you download an activity set, you can differentiate for students or give them options.

The included book activities partner well with the soundscapes in your Novel Effect mobile app.

Sharing is Caring

We invite you to share this bouquet of activities with your friends and colleagues!

They will swoon when you share these one-stop Valentine’s Day treats. 

Download the Novel Effect App to bring stories to life with music and sounds that respond to your voice.