Reap in the Fun

Thanksgiving Book Activities

The Novel Effect app responds to your voice with interactive music and sound effects, creating magical moments when you read aloud from children's books.

Roast assured, you’ll be happy that you’ve gobbled up these Thanksgiving activities! These book activities are fun for students; they won’t be gourd.  Additionally, they bake in ELA, Math, and/or SEL standards to help you meet learning goals. 

Pair the activities with soundscapes for the same books available in your Novel Effect mobile app. When you download an activity set, you’ll receive a range of activities that you can use to differentiate for students, or offer a choice of learning options.

A Cornucopia of Activities

To print an activity, click the link below. A new window will open with the activity. Then select print or download from the options in the upper right corner. If the activity doesn’t appear in a new window, try refreshing your browser. 

An * denotes activities that will be added soon!

November is also Native American Heritage Month. Are you looking for titles that celebrate, honor, and inform learners about Native American Heritage? Click here to to view the collection of soundscapes.

tur-Key to Sharing

You can’t go a-fowl sharing this collection of activities with your friends and colleagues! They will be amaized that you shared this Thanksgiving activity feast. Use the link below to help them get a slice of their own exclusive access to the fun!