Tech-Tastic Reading Experience with Sonia’s Digital World

Become a digital learning genie when you use Sonia’s Digital World activities that have been carefully crafted for little tech enthusiasts.
Sonia's Digital World book cover with thumbnail images of free activity sheets and Novel Effect app on phone

Become a digital learning genie when you use Sonia’s Digital World activities. Each activity has been carefully crafted to ensure an experience filled with joy and discovery for your little tech enthusiasts.

As we step into computer science, our activities go beyond reading. It’s going to be so exciting! Your future engineer will plan and design a new device! Not just reading about technology, but becoming creators.

These activities don’t just stop at the book, they extend to making sense of the world around them. Little learners will compare and contrast various technologies, sort items into digital and non-digital categories, or craft their own thoughts on technology. Let’s build strong readers and critical thinkers.

This immersive activity packet beckons children into a world where English Language Arts and Computer Science converge. The boundaries of learning and play blur. You’re just a click away. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform story-time into a captivating expedition into Sonia’s Digital World!

As a result of the included activities, students will be able to:

  • solve a digital themed word search.
  • design a new cover.
  • plan and design a new device.
  • describe Sonia using character traits.
  • rewrite the story as a comic strip.
  • compare and contrast technologies.
  • illustrate story elements.
  • sort digital and non digital items.
  • write about technology.
  • make text to self, text to text, and text to world connections.
  • apply writing skills with writing templates and prompts.
  • practice reading comprehension through discussion questions for beginning, middle, and end of the book.
  • practice social skills through whole group prompts and activities.
  • use fine motor skills through coloring, tracing, cutting, and gluing.
  • play a game of telephone.
  • learn about responsibly using technology.
  • play I Spy (with a digital eye).

These activities can be used by the whole group, at stations or centers, or provide student choice. They’re perfect for differentiation and focusing on specific learning goals and skills.

Download Sonia's Digital World Activities

To print or download PDFs of Sonia’s Digital World activities, click the blue button below. Then select “print” or “download” from the options in the upper right corner of the new window that opens. If the PDF doesn’t appear below, try refreshing your browser window.

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About the Book and Soundscape

Explore the digital world with Sonia, her friends, and their community! As they chat, create, and play with digital tools, they uncover new connections near and far. This captivating picture book is written by Shannon McClintock Miller and collaborated with ISTE. It’s full of vibrant illustrations and supports ISTE standards for Digital Age Learning.

Get ready for a digital journey! Soundscape designer Matt used synths, and acoustic elements like drums, guitars, and strings to convey the technology-centric to real world connection. In addition, the author and some of her family members make a very special appearance through voiceovers.

After downloading Sonia’s Digital World activities, sync your read-aloud with the soundscape in your Novel Effect app! Digital learning will come to life before your very ears! — This book and soundscape will be available August 1, 2023!

Download the Novel Effect app to bring stories to life with music and sound that respond to your voice. 

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