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Creating a summer reading routine with Diego Napoles blog post image

Creating a Summer Reading Routine

4th-grade teacher Diego Napoles wants to help you make summer reading easy and fun for your little learners! Get his best tips for creating a summer reading routine, whether you’re at home or on-the-go!


A Letter From Your Teacher on the Last Day of School Classroom Book Activity

We partnered with our friend Shannon Olsen to release the soundscape for her new book on the very same day it’s released. She’s excited to join us in announcing that Premium subscribers can read the ebook with its soundscape before anyone else! Enjoy these differentiated activities to complement the book, and celebrate your little learners, when you read it in your classroom!


Shark Lady Free Printable Activity

Create a timeline, to show how Eugenie became known as the Shark Lady. Have little learners record what Eugenie learns and write their own shark facts, or research a shark. Includes discussion questions, writing prompts, and low-prep no print activities for students in grades K-5.


Need Read-Aloud Ideas?

One month of planned read-alouds!