Stellaluna Activities for PreK-5

Swoop in to grab Stellaluna activities for students to sink their teeth into early literacy skills, critical thinking, and story themes.
Stellaluna book cover, novel effect app, and activities

Stellaluna Activities You'll Go Batty For

Come swoop in and grab a range of Stellaluna activities. Students can sink their teeth into early literacy skills, critical thinking, and story themes. They can even lock into activities that helps them better understand bats. 

With over 20 low-prep and no-prep activities, you won’t be up all night planning for the next day. Science and English Language Arts are supported by the included activities. As a result of participating, students will be able to:

  • color the bat and trace its name.
  • sequence the story.
  • write about the problem and solution.
  • complete bat graphic organizer.
  • complete bird graphic organizer.
  • write adjectives that describe bats.
  • label a bat.
  • research bats.
  • compare and contrast bats and birds.
  • write sentences using vocabulary words.
  • complete a story map.
  • determine the theme of this story.
  • answer writing prompts and construct a bat.
  • play a game to review the story.
  • nocturnal animals game.
  • learn about bats.
  • draw a bat.
  • reflect on and respond to questions and writing prompts.

Activities can be used to differentiate instruction for students, to provide them with a choice, or to focus on a particular skill.

Download Stellaluna Activities

To print or download PDFs of Stellaluna activities, click the blue button below. Then select “print” or “download” from the options in the upper right corner of the new window that opens. If the PDF doesn’t appear below, try refreshing your browser window.

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About This Book

As a bat raised as a bird, Stellaluna tries her best to fit in, but she cannot resist mangoes and hanging upside down. Join Stellaluna as she discovers that we are all different yet all the same in this sparse soundscape of light ambient forest sounds.

Download the Novel Effect app for free to bring stories to life with music and sounds that respond to your voice.

Download the Novel Effect app to bring stories to life with music and sound that respond to your voice. 

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