Sneezy the Snowman Activities for PreK-3

A flurry of Sneezy the Snowman activities help chill-dren work with story elements, parts of speech, summaries, and more!

Too Cool Sneezy the Snowman Activities

Don’t be left in the cold during your planning time! The no-prep Sneezy the Snowman activities help students articoolate story elements, parts of speech, summaries, and more! Plus, your students will scarf down the game-like activities. Including comprehension games with Quizizz! As well as supporting English Language Arts, Sneezy the Snowman activities celebrate winter. Through the activities included, students will be able to:

  • draw clothes for Sneezy.
  • draw their favorite ice cream flavor.
  • sequence the story.
  • determine story elements.
  • write about cause and effects.
  • sort hot/cold and solids/liquids.
  • define story vocabulary.
  • sort parts of speech.
  • reflect on and respond to discussion questions and writing prompts.
  • play a Quizizz game. 
  • play Hangman. 
  • build a snowman.

The included activities help you differentiate instruction, to provide student choice, or focus on a particular skill.

Download Sneezy the Snowman Activities

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Melting Sneezy Activity

Whether you live on an icy tundra or in the middle of a desert, we’ve got winter activities for everyone. This melting snowman science experiment is perfect for pre-k and lower elementary grades, offering both a sensory experience and the chance to explore some basic chemistry. All you’ll need is a few items you probably already have in your pantry.

First, mix a cup of baking soda (and glitter, if you so desire) with water. You want enough water so that the baking soda can stick together enough to form a loose ball. Pour a little water in at a time until you hit the sweet spot. With your hands, pack your mixture into a “snow” ball. I cut a carrot into the shape of a tiny nose and pushed some googly eyes into my snowman just for an extra level of whimsy. Then, gently wrap your snowman in cling wrap and let sit in the freezer for at least two hours.

When it’s time to commence with the melting, prepare a half-cup or more of white vinegar and your eye dropper. For some more fun, put a few drops of blue food coloring

in your vinegar. Unwrap your snowman and place him in a shallow bowl or casserole dish. For an extra-frozen snowman, warm up your vinegar or let your snowman sit out for a few minutes.

Let your little learner use the dropper to “melt” Sneezy. This is a great opportunity to ask them observation questions.

For a preview of this activity, check out our Tiktok here

About the Book and Soundscape

Brrrrr-Choo! Sneezy the Snowman is cold, cold, cold. To warm up, he drinks cocoa, sits in a hot tub, stand neara warm fire – and melts! In spite of that, the children know exactly what to do to rebuild him. 

Novel Effect brings a friendly, upbeat feel to Sneezy the Snowman with its poppy, friendly electronic piano and synth bass. See if students can find these fun soundscape tidbits while listening: 

  • The soundscape designers used two effects on the voice actor to create the Snowman puddle voice.
  • Using a tremolo, the designers mimicked how water might move when Sneezy talks as a puddle.
  • In order to create the illusion that Sneezy is under water, the soundscape designers applied a low pass to eliminate high frequencies.

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