for kids Ages 0-3

Little Thinker Gift Bundle


for kids Ages 0-3

  • 2 board books curated by literacy experts.
  • Book activities designed by educators to build connections before and after reading.
  • A Novel Effect Premium subscription. Choose from 3-, 6-, and 12-month options.

What's included

Board Books

2 high-quality board books hand-picked by experts, parents, and kids. Reading together from books you love with Novel Effect soundscapes is a powerful experience for young readers, and their grown-ups.

Novel Effect subscription

Access our ever-growing library of soundscapes designed to create immersive and interactive read aloud that delight kids and grown-ups, alike. Ebooks, and other select content also included with your Premium gift subscription.

Book Activities

Designed by educators to meet the needs of diverse learners at every stage. Support your little thinkers with activities that support learning before, during, and after read-alouds.

Designed by literacy experts to meet the needs of diverse learners at every stage.

Forget the kids, this makes reading more fun and magical for ME, and I do it because it personally makes me very happy.

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