Gift Bundle for Ages up to 3

  • 2 board books curated by literacy experts.
  • Book activities designed by educators to build connections before and after reading.
  • A Novel Effect Premium subscription. Choose from 3-, 6-, and 12-month options.

Books shown in images are examples, the books included in your bundle may vary.

Shipping limited to US only. Purchase an individual digital gift subscription here.


What's included:

Real Children’s Books

Two high-quality children’s books hand-picked by experts, parents, and kids are included with each bundle. Novel Effect soundscapes are designed to enjoy with real books young readers and their grownups love.

Novel Effect subscription

Everything needed to get started with a pre-paid gift subscription. Benefits for subscribers include unlimited access to our library of soundscapes for read-alouds, ebooks, and more.

Book Activities

Corresponding book activities support learning together before, during, and after read-alouds. Each is designed by educators to meet the needs of diverse learners.


Forget the kids, this makes reading more fun and magical for ME, and I do it because it personally makes me very happy.


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