I Am Rosa Parks Activities for 1-5

Keep students engaged in literacy with the I Am Rosa Parks activities. They'll be engaged in character analysis, synthesis, and more.
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I Am Rosa Parks Activities

The next time you read I Am Rosa Parks with your Novel Effect app, follow them up with our educator created no prep activities. The I Am Rosa Parks activities keep students engaged. They’ll have opportunities to practice character analysis, sequencing, and story synthesis while learning about a specific time period of Rosa Parks’s life. 

As a result of the included activities, students will be able to: Novel Effect activity pages for the book I Am Rosa Parks

  • spell story vocabulary.
  • write about Rosa Parks.
  • list character traits that describe Rosa Parks.
  • create a timeline.
  • write about a cause and effect from the biography.
  • create a comic strip.
  • summarize the book.
  • write about the Montgomery Bus Boycott.
  • use video to learn more about Rosa Parks’s role in the Civil Rights Movement. 
  • create a word cloud.
  • reflect on and respond to comprehension questions and writing prompts.

Activities can be used to differentiate instruction for students, to provide them with a choice, or to focus on a particular skill.

Download I Am Rosa Parks Activities

To print or download PDFs of I Am Rosa Parks activities, click the blue button below. Then select “print” or “download” from the options in the upper right corner of the new window that opens. If the PDF doesn’t appear below, try refreshing your browser window.

About the Book

Author Brad Meltzer’s series Ordinary People Changed the World gives young learners an engaging look into historical figures. He shares what made this person a heroic figure, and tells their life story in a simple yet conversational way that captures young children.  In his book I Am Rosa Parks, readers will see glimpses of her childhood that influenced her strength later in life.

Download the Novel Effect app to bring stories to life with music and sound that respond to your voice. 

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