Picture Books to Read Aloud with Grandma and Grandpa

Celebrate Grandparents Day with these picture books on Novel Effect

Did you know this Sunday, September 12th is National Gradparents Day? The grandchild/grandparent relationship is a special one, reading aloud together can strengthen that bond. I learned to love reading from my mom and now, as a parent, there’s nothing I get a kick out of more than hearing her read aloud to her grandchildren and share that same enthusiasm for reading with them.

When grandparents choose to spend time with their grandchildren reading, they’re sending the message that reading is a fun way to spend time. Even better? They’re sharing experiences together they can draw on for years to come whether the books feature strong moral messages or are just plain silly.

This year, as my first-grader continues building her reading skills we’ll be celebrating Grandparents Day by having her read aloud to Nana on a video call. If you’re looking for a last minute gift, a copy of a cherished picture book with a handwritten note from their grandchildren will be treasured for years to come.

Here are some of our favorite picture books that celebrate the stories grandparents and their loved ones.

The Great and the Grand

Breathtaking illustrations combine with a simple, beautiful narrative in Benjamin Fox’s sweet, captivating story about a baby and great grandfather meeting for the first time.

Last Stop on Market Street

CJ’s weekly bus journey is transformed through the energy and encouragement of his Nana, who helps him see the beauty and fun in their routine.

Grandfather’s Journey

Alan Say’s award winning account of his family’s unique cross-cultural experience conveys the love he has for his two countries, one that he shares with his grandfather.

Thank You, Omu

A generous grandmotherly woman is rewarded by her community in Oge Mora’s debut picture book, that’s also perfect for fall.

Strega Nona’s Harvest

Tomi dePaola’s beloved ‘grandmother witch’ attempts to teach Big Anthony about gardening and the importance of order. But things don’t go quite as planned.

Rainbow Stew

The vegetables in Grandpa’s garden are just waiting to be picked in Cathryn Falwell’s tribute to the beautiful colors found in the vegetable patch.

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